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Our team

All the people of the great NAVO group have splendid individual travelling experiences and common spirits on outdoor adventure tour. We all share the same motto of Professional, Integrity, and Service-orientated from NAVO Tour. Welcome to contact us for the particular services and adventure products from our group who are honest, kind, patient, responsible, energetic, love peace and nature. When you decide to start, the most difficult part of traveling has been done already.

◆LI, Yaxi (Founder & Director)

As one of the pioneer in the fields of outdoor hiking and expedition, Ya’xi started the attempt in many areas in 1993, including hiking, mountaineering, overland tour, self-driving tour and photography tour, etc. Among the around 150 routes so far offered on NAVO's website, all are designed by Ya’xi, who has made his way through almost every spots involved in these routes.

By 2012, Ya'xi has visited all mainland Chinese provinces, as well as Hong Kong and Macao. He has been to almost all of well-known places in China, the Great Wall; Yangtze Gorges; Mt.Huangshan; Hakka Earth Building, Tibet Everest, etc. Too many to count...!

Ya'xi has explored more than 80% of Tibetan- inhabited area of China - the Tibet Autonomous Region; the Tibetan areas in Sichuan, Gansu, Yunnan; in other words, he has travelled most Amdo and Kham regions, as well as Jiarong Tibetan- inhabited area. Ya'xi has tried lots of classical Chinese hiking routes in person, covering Mt. Minya Konka of Sichuan Province, Mt.Amnye Machen of Qinghai Province; Xishuangbanna's rain forest of Yunnan; ethnic minority regions of Guizhou Province; the Great Wall; Yangtze Gorges, etc...

To better promote self-driving tour, Ya'xi has driven to the northmost area of China - Mohe County in Heilongjiang Province; the eastmost area - Fuyuan country in Heilongjiang Province; and the westmost area - Wuqia country in Xinjiang Province. In brief, he has been to nearly all of the main land ports in China by self-driving.

Ya'xi also has been to several Africa countries, and Sahara Desert. He was once visited France, Germany, Holland,Luxemburg and other Europe countries. Apart from these, He has ever driven from China to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.

On the road, Ya’xi is keeping discovering more wonderful scenery; back to the office, he is keeping presenting the best China and the nicest world to clients.

Ya'xi believes NAVO is not only an adventure travel agency, but also a company concerning ecology and environment protection and perfectly combining travel with charity works together.
Ya'xi believes NAVO is growing up to the largest adventure travel agency in China, perhaps it has been; however, NAVO is more willing to be the most energetic and creative one;
Ya'xi believes, because of the passion for the cause, NAVO is so committed and professional. Whereas, with the help of NAVO's professionalism, clients can better get close to the authentic China and the new world;
Ya'xi believes travel is another kind of life. And NAVO is here to bring unique ones for you.

▼French Center

Murielle Yang (Conseiller De Tourisme Francophone):
ça fait une dizaine d'années que je travaille dans le tourisme, de guide francophone au conseiller de tourisme, de l'explication des sites touristiques et de différentes coutumes devant les touristes à la promotion et présentation de différents produits touristiques par mail et à l'organisation de voyages.
9 ans d'expérience de guide francophone m'a pénétré dans les voyages d'observation des oiseaux, de chevaux, de OVERLAND et de trekking etc. Je connais la plupart de ressources touristiques de Sichuan et de Chine. Cequi me permet de m'intégrer dans l'équipe de NAVO . Depuis 2009, je m'occupe de self-driving et d'autres voyages d'aventure du marché francophone à NAVO. Je suis sûre que le succès de travail est issu de l'enthousiasme et la persistance, et que les appréciations de clientèle sont la force de travail.

▼German Center

Paul Yang (Reiseberater):
Ich bin Paul.Sichuan ist meine Heimat,wo die schoene Berge und die sanfte Fluesse unvergesslich sind.Reise und Abenteuer ist meine Arbeit,mein Leben oder mein Traum. An NAVO bin ich ein Reisebrater fuer alle deutschsprechende Reisende,was fuer mich nicht leicht,aber sinnvoll ist.NAVO bedeutet Freude auf der schoenen Reise,die immer als eine mobilisierte Schoenheit unser Innere verstaerken und schmuecken wird.Meine Kollege und ich werden sorgfaeltig jede Reise organisieren und wir freuen uns auf Ihre Ankunft und Ihre Zufriedenheit.

English center

Tracy Cheng (English Travel Consultant):
As a local Chinese, Tracy feels proud of her great mother country--China very much, which gives Tracy a big ambition and enthusiasm to organize diverse and fantastic adventure tours in different parts of China for people from all over the world. Moreover Tracy is a born explorer and dreamed of expeditions in vast China since childhood, she was involved in tourism after her graduation. During her nearly 10 years working experience of organizing tours in travel agency, she had worked nearly one year in Tibet which gave her a full experience of arranging tour in whole Tibet. Tracy had also visited many parts of China. Once she had traveled from south China border to the north border through dozens of provinces. Choosing NAVO who love people and natural, Tracy enjoyed the harmonious, creative, enthusiastic and prosperous work environment there. NAVO try to make everyone and everything into a good circulation, this is what exactly suited Tracy’s pursuit also.

Lisa Lee (English Travel Consultant):
Lisa has begun to engage in inbound tourism since 2008 after she finished study of English. As a tibetan girl,who grew up in the Sichuan Khampa area,she holds enthusiasm for travel, meanwhile has a dream of introducing her beautiful hometown to travellers from all over the world. Now she made it come ture by working in NAVO with the lively and knowledgeable team. Here, she is mainly in charge of self-driving tour. Years of experience as a tour advisor makes Lisa have a thorough understanding of customer needs, and win the clients' praise. She can always provide profesional advices with patience, and make a worry - free, comfortable but with a little bit adventure trip for clients. For her,the happiest thing is to help clients successfully complete the wonderful driving experience across China, which may be once in a lifetime for some clients.Lisa greatly enjoys her work in NAVO, since she can also share travel stories and learn exotic culture from clients, which keeps her passion for travel.Lisa believes that life is fine and enjoyable, yet you must learn to enjoy your fine life. Come on to travel with NAVO, keep moving!

Melinda Zhang (English Travel Consultant):
Melinda is a Hakka people from Southeast China. With her passion for English and travel she firstly worked as a tour guide after her completing English study in Chengdu. Melinda had travelled a lot in China and nearby countries in the past years, and had mainly concentrate in organizing tours for guests home and abroad since 2008. Melinda is happy with her work in NAVO and believes it is of great value, because it combines her personal interest together with her career. Now she is in charge of Driving Tour and other special tour while cooperating with NAVO Team to develop the English market. She likes smiling and wishes all her guests could enjoy their trips in China. Her motto is: Nature and culture make your life special.

Abby Zhang (English Travel Consultant):
Since 2006 worked for tourism, it’s the best thing for Abby’s life to feast eyes, expand mind, and please palate during the trip. When be the tour guide at before she brings much fun from getting along and communicating with lots of travelers from other foreign countries; showing the highlights of beautiful China to the tour guests who desire to learn; and appreciating the world from many different travels before. Afterwards, Abby chose to be a travel consultant of comprehensive and professional NAVO Tour Company with passion on tourism, and would help more travelers to enjoy their meaningful tour life better by her responsible experiences. Abby definitely agrees with that, life is like the journey, either an incredible adventure, or nothing at all.

Edward Zhao (English Travel Consultant):
I grew up in the southeast of China, which possesses the most abundant natural tourism resources. That’s probably the reason why I love freedom and respect nature so much. I prefer to use steps to measure process, use the experiences to open mind, experience a mind travel. During the school, I had been to many places of China in a frugal way by doing part-time works. Believe in encounter, believe in passerby, no doubt, no timidity, and love my own free space. I believe that it is kind of karma thing about each scenery you see, each goods you buy, each passerby you meet. After graduation, I stepped into NAVO.I guided the New Zealand motorhome group from the southeast China to the northwest China. I also assisted the Russian travel group in acrossing the Taklimakan desert.I’m glad with my original choice. This is not only because it is the most experienced adventure travel agency in China. What is more important is that it owns the enterprise culture of integrity, tolerance,democracy and freedom.I believe this team can not only provide excellent service for our customers but also let me grow up quickly. I love this team. Beacuse of our strong team and my personal experiences,I hope to organise the truely mind travel for you.

Zoe Kong (English Travel Consultant):
Born in Amdo Tibetan area, Zoe knows the people who live there and local culture very well, and for her it is great pleasure to have the chance to recommend these places that she lived and always loves. Zoe has been in the China tourism business for over 15 years, working as a tour guide and travel consultant, so she knows how to recommend a very suitable tour route. Zoe is also a passionate traveler who has been to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Gansu, Yunnan Qinghai and other parts of China. And with the increasing life and work experience, Zoe has strong desire to introduce China’s fantastic culture and beautiful natural scenery to more and more tourists from all over the world.

Bing Liang (English Travel Consultant):
The most important dream of Bing Liang is to explore the world, and he knows only travel and books can help he make it come true. So he majored in tourism management in university and has been engaged in tourism industry since he graduated in 2011. Seizing every opportunity to travel, Bing is starting to learn more and more about China and the world. he believes travel is not sleeping on the bus, taking some pictures on the scenic sites then go home. Travel is to feel the world with your own feet, hands, mouth, eyes and mind. Now Bing is in the inbound department of NAVO, With the passion for travel, the willing to learn, the patience at work and the desire to share, Bing believes he can present you a tour full of knowledge, enjoyment and adventure.

▼Network & Outdoor Center:

Yin  juan (Financial Staff):
I like to travel, not for other but for my aspiring of exploring the world.
And such passion can last until I step on all places I yearn for. I work in NAVO with the love of travel, and I am mainly responsible for finacial work. In NAVO, happiness is an eternal theme. I am very proud I can work here.



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