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Amdo 2015-Tibetan New Year Festival NEW
Trek from Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lugu Lake NEW
Water-Splashing Festival in Xishuangbanna NEW
Hani's New year—Ga Tang Pa Festival NEW
  Recommendatory itineraries
[China Photography Tour] South China Photography Tour( Yunnan-Guizhou-Hunan ) New
Duration: 15 days;14days 13 nights in China;
Areas: Yunnan,Guizhou, Hunan provinces
Highlights: Stone Forest, Puzhehei in east Yunnan, Luoping thousands karst peaks mountains, Xingyi Karst peaks, Guiyang Qingyan ancient town, Kaili Miao and Dong minorities villages, Zhenyuan ancient town, Fenghuang ancient town, Furong ancient town and the Zhangjiajie National Park etc.

[Overland Tour] Overland in Xinjiang (North Route,14 days)
The Exclusive itinerary of NAVO.
Duration: 14 days; 13days and 12nights in China
Areas: Xinjiang
Highlights: Salimu Lake, Karamay oilfield,Urho Ghost City (Yadan landscape), Gurbantunggut Desert;Hemu Villiage, Mongolia minority, Kazakstan monority; The tribe of Tuwa minority; Wucaitan, Ghost city on the sea, Wucaicheng (Yadan landscape), Maza Villiage in the Tuyu valley, Ancient City of Jiaohe (Cross river city)

[China Overland Tour] Badain Jaran Desert and Xixia Tombs
Badain Jaran Desert,Xixia Tombs
Duration: 12 days; 11 days and 10 nights in China,
Areas: Beijing, Amdo, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia
Highlights: The big Buddha Temple, Wooden temple Tower, Mati Grotto, Badan Jaran Desert ,The Palace of Alxa, Guangzong Temple, The Tomb of King of Xixia Dynasty, Chengtiansi Pagoda, Haibao Pagoda, The Qingtongxia 108 Pagodas, The Zhongwei Temple, The Iron Bridge of Yellow River

[Drive Chinese Rental Vehicle around China] Driving in South China (Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou-Chongqing)
Foreigners drive Chinese vehicle tour in China Driving in Yi, Bai, and Buyi ethnic minorities area.
Duration: 16 days;15days 14 nights in China;11days driving 4WD in China by the guests
Areas: Sichuan,Yunnan,Guizhou, Chongqing
Highlights: Chengdu—the center of ancient Shu culture, Leshan---the world’s biggest stone Buddha, Mt. Emeishan, Baoguo Temple, Fuhu Temple, Stone Forest, Puzhehei in east Yunnan, Luoping thousands karst peaks mountains, Xingyi Karst peaks, Guiyang Qingyan ancient town, Chongqing Ciqikou ancient town, Dazu Grottos, Anyue Grottos etc.

[Trekking Tour] Yunnan: Trekking in Xishuangbanna
12days; 11 days and 10nights in China, 6 days trek
Duration: Total 12 days (11 days and 10 nights in China) including 5 days of trekking
Areas: Yunnan,Guangxi
Highlights: Black Stone Forest (Naigu Stone Forest)
Xi shan;Dragon Gate (ascend by cable car and walk down).
Golden Temple; Bamboo Temple;
Trekking along Mekong River and through minority villages inhabited by Dai,Hani(Akha) and Jinuo People.

[Trekking Tour] Trekking in Badain Jaran Desert of Inner Mongolia
Exclusive circuit of NAVO;
Duration: Totally 15 days; 14 days and 13 nights in China. 6 days trekking.
Areas: Beijing; Ningxia; Inner Mongolia; Qinghai
Highlights: Palace Museum; The Temple of Heaven; The Tombs of the Kings in Xixia Dynasty; The Dafo Temple; Wooden temple Tower; Horse-foot Grotto; Badan Jaran Shaomo; The Palace of Alxa;

[Trekking Tour] NAVO-T-003-Trekking in the areas of Miao and Dong Nationalities
Duration: 15 days; 14 days and 13 nights in China
Areas: Guangxi Autonomous Region; Guizhou Province
Highlights: Guilin Scenery with Hills and Waters; trekking along Lijiang River; Daxu Ancient Town; Guanyan Hole; trekking around Yangshuo and nearby villages; Longji terraced fields; villages of Yao, Zhuang, Miao and Dong nationalities; Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge; Kaili Ethnic Museum; Zhenyuan Qinglong Cavity and ancient buildings groups; Ludi Rock; the Elephant Hill and Fubo Hill

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